2nd Annual Fishing Tournament – June 2012

What a wonderful day we had on Saturday, June 9, 2012, at the pond of Larry and Martha Edwards.

Thirty-one children and their parents and grandparents participated. A total of 86 fish were caught in lengths that ranged from 3.75 inches for the smallest to 16.5 inches for the longest.

Tournament Prize Winners Were:

Ashlyn Voyles – Girl’s Bike
Eli Woolridge – Boy’s Bike
Lottie Heckman – 1st Place Trophy
Logan Woodward – 2nd Place Trophy
Liam Stuckemeyer – 3rd Place Trophy
Trent Hammer – Best All-Around Fisherman
Mel Reynolds – Master Fisherman

All participants received a pair of sunglasses and a certificate for free ice cream from Vito’s in Farmer City.

We would like to thank the Edwards and all of the families who participated in this year’s tournament.

A special thank you to Larry and Martha Edwards of Farmer City for letting us use their lake and property for our tourament.  It was a very enjoyable and fun time for everyone.

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